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Team Re:Birth :: CREDITS GO TO…

October 24, 2009

Rebirth Fashion Show was a success with $2000 profit donated to Portland Hotel Society.

We would like to thank all for coming out to support the organization and our show.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Studio 55, Hercules for donation, Oops! for promotion, and New Image College for numerous support.

We would like to thank The Modern for lenting us the venue and supporting us with promotion.


Models: Dicen Darien Note, Alicia Crudo, Jeanette Pastuch, Jane Leung, Kazuya Tanabe, Jonathan Kol, Samantha Siu, Sergey Biryukov, Ryo Chibana, Sunny Moon, Ana Silvia Parra, Laura Wood, Susan Pruno

Model Manager: Chris Villar

Makeup Artists: Ayaka Yoshigaki, Mizuki Tokuma, Pakou Her, Christine Rose, Jimena Zamorano, Maria Tokoro

Hair Stylists:

Dressers: Salina Liu, Amanda Missori, Jennifer Greenman, Dallyn Willcocks, Candis Baydak, Meagan Squire, Marcelle Meuse, Prince Giles, Grace Messer

Emcee: Justine Lilgert

Guest Managers: Stephanie Barron, Kari Grainger

Stylists/Clothing Manager: Nomfundo Dlamini, CJ Damaso

Marketing Manager: Joey Kwan

Operations: Veronica Wang, CJ Damaso

Choreographer: Austyn Bartel

Communications Manager: Chanel Chu

Recruting/General Advisor: Veronica Wang

General Volunteer: Charmaine Kwong, Michael Beaty (photographer)

Directors: Maria Tokoro, Etsuko Yoshimura

Special Thanks: Veronica Wang, Lyndi Barrett, Masato Ogusu (Promotional Video), DJ Fresta, December Furcoat (Almost Famous Resident DJ)

Clothing Sponsors: El Kartel, True Value Vintage Clothing, Ed Holman, Lady Madonna, Shanellia.


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